FMR Rotary for High pressure

FMR Rotary for High pressure


FMR Series Pressure up to 30 bar

These rotary meters are developed with an optimized body construction. Due to the special design and the strength of the aluminium construction, the rotary meters can be used with higher pressures. Since this development has been done, as an optimization for the standard aluminium bodies, there is no need for a steel body for pressure up to 30 bar. The aluminium bodies are  provided with a special treatment to increase the strength, but still maintain their low weight.

FMR Series Pressure up to 100 bar

The FMG-HP series of rotary gas meters are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow under high pressure conditions. The meters fully comply with the EN12480:2002, EN12480:2015 and OIML R137 1&2  and as such can be used for all custody transfer applications. The actual meter body is made from aluminium and is kept in position by a steel meter housing. This housing holds the meter body, without any stress, in position between the adjacent flanges. Since the meter body is not affected by stress from the flanges or the piping, the clearances between the impellers and the body are optimized. As such the superb metrological performance achieved in the low pressure FMG rotary meter is maintained under high pressure conditions as well.

To maintain the high accuracy and large rangeability, it is essential that the displaced volume does not change, within the range of operating conditions. By separating the meter body from the actual pipeline and  using the same material as the impellers, changes in displaced volume due to installation stresses, operating pressure and thermal expansion are eliminated.

Due to the large rangeability of 1:100, the FMG-HP rotary meter is very suitable for small city gate stations, as the actual load of this type of station varies widely. Square impellers and improved position of the main bearings makes the cartridge very robust and less sensitive to flow and pressure shocks. Unlike other approved flow metering devices, such as turbine meters and ultrasonic meters, a rotary meter can be installed close to regulators and without the need for extended straight pipe or specially prepared inlet sections.

For the security, the FMR-HP series can be equipped with a spring loaded bypass valve. If a meter locks, the differential over the bypass valve will increase and the valve will open allowing gas to pass. This security of supply feature makes the FMR-HP suitable for use in critical installations,  where gas flow cannot be interrupted. The opening of the bypass can be monitored by measuring the differential over the meter. A compact exchangeable aluminium cartridge allows local repair, on-site cleaning and exchange. A pre-calibrated cartridge can be exchanged without affecting the accuracy. To access the cartridge only a relatively small and light weight cover needs to be removed.


Additional information

Flow rates:

0.4 m3/h up to 400 m3/h

Nominal diameters:

from DN40 to DN150 mm (1.5” to 6”)

Max. working pressure:

up to 100 bar depending on the body material and flanging

Mounting position:

horizontally or vertically ( on request)


Bypass ( different pressure ranges) , Delta-P Manometer, HF sensors