FMR-M Master Meters

FMR-M Master Meters



The FMG FMR-M16 series of rotary mastermer meters are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow. The FMR-M16 come with the newest design impeller construction to reduce the impact of any flow disturbances.
The FMR-M16 is  a high end precision pulsation free master meter. Possible with 1 or 2 HF sensors.
Suitable for most type of gaseous mediums( for example H2)

  • Reference meters
  • Master meters for test benches

Also available FMG FMR-M Dual master meters.
The FMRM dual master meter series are designed and machined with high end production techniques to perform with the best accuracies. The FMR-M400, FMR-M650 and FMR-M1250 come with a double set of impellers.
This way the meters become pulsation free references.

  • Available sizes 4” and 6”

For the higher flows, we have the FMT- M turbine meter serie.
With the turbine construction a low pressure drop is guaranteed.

  • Available sizes 6” and 8”
  • Flows upto 1600 m³/h

Additional information

Flow rates:

0.16 m3/h up to 16 m3/h

Nominal diameters:

DN20 (FMR-M16), FMR-M DUAL 4" & 6", FMT-M 6" & 8"

Max. working pressure:

Up to 6 bar (FMR-M16), remaining master meters Pmax 100 barg.

Mounting position: